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Valerie Brauckman Burgess founded TelcoWorks in 2001 to help businesses navigate the ever-changing telecom landscape and successfully adopt new voice, data, cloud and contact center technologies. Burgess’s long career in telecom began as General Manager of Sales and Network Operations for Bell Atlantic’s groundbreaking fiber-optic video dial tone network in Toms River, New Jersey. Bell Atlantic’s video dial tone project was the forerunner of Verizon’s FiOS. Burgess learned the public switched network from the ground up and was at the forefront of the historic shift to fiber, broadband and wireless technologies.
She went on to join AT&T as their Global Business Development Manager responsible for managing a team dedicated to successfully adding local voice to AT&T’s product portfolio. After leaving AT&T, Burgess managed the indirect sales channel for several CLEC’s. Once again she found herself on the cutting edge of new voice and data technology, playing an integral role in introducing dynamically allocated voice and data circuits to the SMB market. This new technology revolutionized the industry and ultimately drove the demand for MPLS, SIP, wireless and Ethernet service.
Today, as President of TelcoWorks, she is a Trusted Advisor to her clients and committed to reducing vendor sprawl, bringing comprehensive digital transformation tools and security solutions to today’s hybrid work environments. Her contract negotiation skills, in-depth knowledge of solutions, understanding of contract term language, help level the playing field for her clients and adds value to every engagement. Her ability to focus on ROI, risk tolerance, future growth and business continuity enable her customers to transition smoothly and cost effectively as she guides them through making critical technology decisions.
Credentials:   Cisco Networking CCNA 1 & 2, Momentum’s UC Certification, CCMI’s Negotiate Enterprise Communications Deals, SIP School Graduate, AVANT UCaaS Trusted Advisor Certification, AVANT CCaaS Trusted Advisor Certification, Telarus 3-day Cyber Security Workshop.

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