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Why is being an agnostic adviser important to your business?

Change in the telecom industry has accelerated so rapidly that companies are finding it almost impossible to keep up.


Just as one new technology takes hold, another arises to take its place. At TelcoWorks we understand the changing landscape because that is what we do all day, everyday. From VoIP to SIP, business continuity and cloud services, we successfully help businesses evaluate options, make informed decisions, negotiate carrier contracts and manage the implementation of new products and services. We are always looking ahead of the curve with an eye to future proofing your business.


TelcoWorks has been helping corporate clients improve their voice and data efficiencies since 2001. We are authorized and fully-trained representatives for all the leading business telecom, internet service and cloud providers. We work with customers throughout the United States, with both domestic and international requirements.


As many companies struggle to leverage fewer financial and staff resources to produce higher results, TelcoWorks professionals provide new ideas and the help they need to:


  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of a service provider’s offering.

  • Demonstrate the hard and soft dollar savings through competitive quoting and a thorough understanding of the technology.

  • Explain the nuances of each provider’s offering.

  • Add another layer of support between you and your service provider.

  • Serve as your Customer Advocate.


TelcoWorks is an independent consulting group.


We are agnostic when recommending service providers and pride ourselves on proposing only the right provider for each opportunity, with no commitments to any one service provider over another. Our professional consulting services are provided free of charge. Once a selection has been made, TelcoWorks is compensated by the service provider.