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TelcoWorks is now a part of AVAIL Technology Solutions.


With the added strength of AVAIL's 30-person technology brokerage firm, TelcoWorks can now offer its clients an agnostic and comprehensive procurement and on-boarding experience with:
A full-time, ticketing help desk
A team of professional project managers skilled in complex and simple deployments
A dedicated Account Manager
A bench of technical experts including voice and cloud solutions architects
A first month's bill review of all new services

With an ecosystem of over 250 vetted service providers, and the latest intellectual property, we will stack rank providers and ethically pit service providers against each other for the best possible outcome for our clients.
Now is the time to prepare for 2024:
• Request a complimentary review of current technology contracts, pricing, and terms.
• Meet with our cloud solutions engineers to identify any gaps or deficiencies in your security posture.
• Living in Teams?  Determine if Microsoft Teams can also be your voice provider.
• Is your contact center providing meaningful analytics?
• Can concurrent contact center licensing vs. assigned save you money?
• Are you using virtual agents effectively to answer routine questions?
• Make sure your service providers are billing correctly.

Desktop as a Service has hit its prime, offload management to a third-party provider.

As always, there is no charge for our professional services to identify, ethically pit service providers against each other and bring the best, most cost-effective solution to the table. We are compensated by the service provider ultimately selected. Contact us today for a complimentary review of technology related services or to speak with any of our voice, contact center and cloud solution architects.


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