We'll help you find your voice.

Whether it’s new voice technologies like VoIP and SIP, or plain old telephone services, you’ll benefit from TelcoWorks’ telephony background.


Our expertise includes:


Local Voice: Switched and dedicated local, long distance and toll free services, analog lines, Centrex service, trunks, T-1’s and TDM PRI circuits. TelcoWorks understands line and trunk-side features, hunt groups, caller ID name and number; 911 issues and PBX requirements.


Integrated IP Voice and Data (VoIP): A cost-effective method that leverages expensive bandwidth by combining voice, Internet and private IP-VPN over one connection.


SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol): Voice traffic is converted into data packets and carried over the Internet, rather than the public switched network. SIP Trunks can be deployed over broadband and coax cable circuits, generating substantial savings for our customers.


Call Centers: Service center specialists with substantial experience in hosted IVR, ACD, CTI, DNIS/ANI, toll-free routing and reporting.


Audio and Web Conferencing: Conduct high-quality audio and web conferencing to curtail travel and meeting costs. Easy to use, low per minute rates makes audio and web conferencing efficient alternative.