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With hosted PBX services, companies have a choice.


They no longer have to purchase, manage and maintain expensive phone system server equipment. That’s because the phone system server resides in the cloud and you simply connect to it via the Internet. This provides several benefits, including:


  • Minimal Upfront Capital Outlay Required: With hosted PBX, all the functionality of the system resides in the Cloud instead of on your premise. You no longer need to budget the capital expense to replace an outdated premise based phone system. Upfront costs are typically limited to phone handsets and a quality of service router that helps ensure consistently clear call quality. However, there are options to lease the equipment on a monthly basis requiring no upfront costs.

  • Built-In Redundancy and Failover: The hosted PBX server resides in a secure, carrier- grade data center with terabytes of dedicated bandwidth. So even if your location loses connectivity and/or power, your ability to communicate via your phone system won’t fail. Hosted PBX services allow you to automatically forward calls to cell phones or other locations in the event of a premise-based outage.

  • Seamless Connectivity and Appearance when working from home: Cloud PBX services seamlessly support mobile workers and employees who work from their home offices. The same DID phone number that rings the office can also ring the home office without missing a beat. Home office workers will be able to see the caller ID of each inbound call just as if they were in their office.

  • Simple, Web-based configuration and administration: Unlike many traditional on- premise phone system servers, access to configure and change system settings is simple and intuitive, and changes are made instantaneously. And since the system is administered via a Web portal, it can be done any time and from anywhere.

  • Rich built-in functionality: Hosted VoIP provides built-in access to rich features and functionality that typically are additional costs with an on-premise system, such as unlimited auto-attendants, customizable music on hold, voice mail to email or text, find- me follow-me technology and more.


Premise based PBX equipment remains popular – and often the right choice — for Call Centers
and Enterprise customers who maintain an IT staff to support an in-house phone system.


Total Cost of Ownership is typically less with premise based systems; especially in companies with a large workforce. TelcoWorks helps companies manage the process by:


  • Preparing an RFP to establish standards, requirements, network configuration, features, functionality and costs.

  • Evaluating inside wiring specifications.

  • Identifying PBX vendors most suited to compete for your business

  • Evaluating RFP responses, organizing on-site demonstrations, and generating an easy to understand analysis and grade point system.

  • Negotiating vendor contracts and maintenance agreements